Ecoseal Developments Pvt Ltd
Environmental Equipment
Ecoseal provides high quality groundwater monitoring equipment and a range of magnetic susceptibility measuring instruments. For example, we provide Water Level and Salinity Loggers, Oil/Water Interface Meter, Magnetic Susceptibility Meters, Magnetometers, and Borehole Magnetic Susceptibility Sonde.
  Magnetic Susceptibility Meters
  Magnetic Susceptibility Sensors and Probes
  Single-Axis Magnetic Field Sensors
  Three-Axis Magnetic Field Sensors
  Data Acquisition and Conditioning Units
  Fluxgate Gradiometers
Helping Communities
Project Review

Ecoseal reviewed the ACIAR Project on Sustainable Agriculture in Saline Environments through Serial Biological Concentration, which was carried out in Pakistan and Australia.
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Seawater Intrusion Model for the Island of Kayts, Sri Lanka

Assessing sustainable water supply options for Kayts to limit the impact of saline groundwater upconing and saltwater intrusion along the northwest coast of Sri Lanka.
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Groundwater Management Model for the Lower Murray, Australia

The aim of this project was to develop a groundwater management model which was used by natural resource managers and the community to better manage the groundwater resources of the Lower Murray. This region has been designated as a potential high-risk aquifer system.
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