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Water Resource Management
Water Resource Management

Our mission is to help communities manage water resources and water environments towards a sustainable future so that it serves the long-term economic benefit of communities that rely on this vital resource. The principle that water is a shared resource governs our work shared for the benefit of communities, the environment and industry.

Ecoseal’s projects have benefitted farmer-owned irrigation districts and groundwater management areas.  These projects improved the management of surface and groundwater resources, ensuring equitable and sustainable use of resources among competing stakeholders and the environment.

Ecoseal’s projects reach across Australia, South-East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and the Pacific Region for a variety of clients, including farmers, agribusinesses, educational institutions, government agencies and development agencies.

  Groundwater modelling and management
  Modelling seawater intrusion for coastal aquifers
  Climate change impacts on water resources
  Modelling water production for coal seam gas development
  Optimisation of shallow watertables in irrigated areas
  Development of indicators for managing stressed aquifers
  Salinity modelling and stream-aquifer connectivity
  Groundwater policy and project peer-reviews
Helping Communities
Project Review

Ecoseal reviewed the ACIAR Project on Sustainable Agriculture in Saline Environments through Serial Biological Concentration, which was carried out in Pakistan and Australia.
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Seawater Intrusion Model for the Island of Kayts, Sri Lanka

Assessing sustainable water supply options for Kayts to limit the impact of saline groundwater upconing and saltwater intrusion along the northwest coast of Sri Lanka.
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Groundwater Management Model for the Lower Murray, Australia

The aim of this project was to develop a groundwater management model which was used by natural resource managers and the community to better manage the groundwater resources of the Lower Murray. This region has been designated as a potential high-risk aquifer system.
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